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Mission, vision and values

Event Medical Services exists to help others. Learn more about our mission, vision, and values on this page.

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Since 2020, it has been Event Medical Services' mission to deliver high-quality pre-hospital services as well as private ambulance services and medical transport in both Denmark and Europe.

The patient is always at the center, and we will always ensure that the patient receives the best possible treatment from our highly trained staff, regardless of the size of the task.

In addition to being a small professional ambulance service, Event Medical Services will also contribute to pre-hospital education and training, so that everyone can help save lives.

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We are a small company, and we intend to stay that way in the future. We do not aim to be the biggest, but we strive to be among the best at what we do.

At Event Medical Services, we only hire the most skilled professionals to join our healthcare team. We will always strive to improve the quality of our services, as the patient should always experience a professional, safe, and empathetic treatment from us.

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Based on our mission and vision, we operate on a daily basis according to the following values:

High professionalism
We strive to be the best in our field and continuously work on developing our skills.

We must always be present and provide our patients with a safe and secure experience.

We maintain control of the conditions in the company and always keep our promises.

Customer service

(+45) 70 405 110

If you have questions about our services, we are ready to answer your call.

Office hours

Monday - Friday 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Saturday 09:00 AM - 03:00 PM
Sunday Closed

24-hour call center

You can book non-emergency ambulance transportation or patient transportation 24 hours a day.