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Social responsibility

As a private ambulance and patient transport operator, Event Medical Services' primary responsibility is to protect society, its citizens, and businesses in vulnerable and hazardous situations.

Here you can read more about sustainability at Event Medical Services


As a private ambulance and medical transport operator, Event Medical Services' main task is to take care of society, its citizens, and businesses when they are in vulnerable and dangerous situations.

At Event Medical Services, we want to ensure that our customers feel secure in a constantly changing and unpredictable world. The world as we know it is changing, and the risks that society faces are becoming more complex as a result of globalization, technological development, and, not least, climate change.

Here you can read more about social responsibility at Event Medical Services

Social responsibility

At Event Medical Services, we have committed ourselves to act responsibly as a company and contribute to creating security through social responsibility for both customers, partners, and employees.

As a private ambulance operator, we aim at having a positive ethical impact on society in all aspects, from our daily operations to the way we interact with our customers.

At Event Medical Services, we annually identify special activities or tasks where we either provide support through our services or provide financial assistance.

Ambulances donated to Ukraine

Together with the Committee - Danes for Ukrainian Independence, we have collectively donated a total of three ambulances to support the war effort in Ukraine.

Jette's garden concerts for young people and children

In May 2022, we helped take care of children at Jette's garden concerts in Vanløse for placed youth and children.

Some situations require action!

Social responsibility is important for both our customers, partners, employees, and company leadership. It is firmly rooted, which is our desire. This desire is important for the impression we can ultimately help create. It is important that social responsibility is not just something we talk about - but something we act upon!


- Mark J. Zweidorff (Partner & CFO)

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