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Emergency medical services for amusement parks

Event Medical Services offers first aid and emergency medical services for amusement parks and attractions where large numbers of guests gather.

Event Medical Services offers emergency medical services for amusement parks.

Emergency services for amusement parks

At Event Medical Services, we have experience in establishing and operating pre-hospital emergency services in amusement parks and attractions with high guest attendance. In collaboration with the customer, we create a healthcare solution that meets their specific needs and desires.

Unlike first aid organizations, we provide authorized healthcare professionals with solid experience from the healthcare sector. Our staff consists of professional paramedics, ambulance attendants, nurses, or doctors, who understand that their interactions with guests must reflect the level of service that the rest of the staff in the amusement park provides.

Event Medical Services offers advanced treatment required by the situation

Advanced Treatment

When sudden illness or injury occurs, our professional healthcare staff are ready to initiate the necessary treatment required by the situation. Our pre-hospital emergency medical service has the same treatment options as one would receive when calling an ambulance. We provide the same equipment and emergency medicine, ensuring fast and relevant treatment in emergency situations.

We can establish a mini emergency room in the amusement park where guests can receive professional treatment and assessment from authorized healthcare professionals. Whether there is a need for a children's themed band-aid, assessment of minor injuries, or an EKG, emergency medicine, and advanced ALS treatment, you can safely entrust this responsibility to Event Medical Services.

Event Medical Services has an electric emergency vehicle to move around in the park

Help in the amusement park

When guests or staff members are injured, there may be a need for help to come to them. We have developed a mobility concept in the form of an electric emergency vehicle, which is small enough to move around in an amusement park.

Our emergency vehicle contains the same equipment as found in an ambulance. However, the emergency vehicle does not have a stretcher, but is adapted for use in amusement parks, and has, among other things, shielding and extended fire-fighting equipment.

Our emergency vehicle is a big draw for both children and adults, and its visibility provides reassurance. The emergency vehicle is authorized to drive on public roads and is approved for emergency driving, so if a guest becomes ill outside the amusement park, we can quickly and safely come to their aid.

Event Medical Services provides daily documentation


At Event Medical Services, we see ourselves as an active partner, and we are happy to assist with follow-up and control of equipment.

We have experience with quality systems such as Mobaro, and as an integrated part of the amusement park's emergency response team, we ensure daily documentation and follow-up on first aid equipment and firefighting materials throughout the park.

Event Medical Services is professionel partner with Djurs Sommerland

Europe's largest amusement park

At Event Medical Services, we are proud to call ourselves a partner with northern Europe's largest amusement park, Djurs Sommerland.

With up to 15,000 visitors daily, and 9 amazing themed areas, Denmark's best roller coasters, a huge water park, and over 60 fun rides for both young and old, it is essential to have a professional medical emergency response in place.

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We focus on tailoring solutions that precisely meet your wishes and needs, and we combine our expertise and experience in the healthcare field to ensure the highest possible standard of service. We are always attentive to our customers and strive to achieve high satisfaction levels.

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