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Prehospital Services for Municipality or Region

Event Medical Services offers customized prehospital services to assist and support municipalities or regions when the need arises.

Flexible Partner

In certain periods, the regional emergency services may face increased pressure for various reasons, including staffing shortages, holiday periods, or unforeseen events. That's why Event Medical Services offers prehospital services to regions and municipalities when the need arises.

We understand that the requirements for prehospital services can vary significantly depending on the size and complexity of the region or municipality. Therefore, we offer scalable emergency solutions that can be precisely tailored to your specific requirements and resources. Whether you need assistance for short-term or long-term missions, we are ready to help.

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Customized Solutions

Event Medical Services specializes in prehospital services, and we can offer tailored solutions that complement and strengthen the regional emergency services. Our goal is to work closely with municipalities and regions to identify specific areas where our expertise can help address any challenges.

Types of Tasks

EMS offers a range of prehospital services that can assist in tackling the challenges you face. Some of the tasks we can help with include:

  • Ambulance services
  • Non-emergency patient transport
  • Interhospital transport

Ambulance Services

We offer ambulance services for both short and long-distance trips in Denmark and Europe.

At Event Medical Services, patient safety is our top priority. We always ensure that our ambulance services meet the specific needs and preferences of the patient while following the instructions provided by the doctor.

We guarantee all our patients ambulance services of the highest professional standard. Our staff consists of competent healthcare professionals who accompany the patient in the ambulance and are ready to provide necessary treatment if any acute issues arise during the journey.

Learn more about ambulance services

Event Medical Services offers recumbent patient transport to the region or municipality.

Non-Emergency Patient Transport

Event Medical Services specializes in non-emergency patient transport, featuring highly trained personnel and advanced equipment.

We prioritize patient safety, comfort, and individual needs, and our ambulances are fully equipped to provide necessary care during transport.

We create a reassuring and comforting atmosphere for the patient, and regardless of distance or condition, our service can be tailored to any situation. We work closely with doctors and healthcare professionals to ensure the best possible experience. Our goal is always to deliver safe and professional transportation.

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Event Medical Services offers inter-hospital transport

Interhospital Transport

Event Medical Services specializes in interhospital transport, both within Denmark and Europe. We offer interhospital transport of critically stable patients, including intubated and extubated patients, with our own doctors and nurses/paramedics.

As your professional partner in critical/interhospital transport, we have the necessary medical equipment available.

With our expertise and experience, you can confidently entrust interhospital transport to us.

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Operational Readiness

Event Medical Services ApS is the flexible partner that can support and service municipalities and regions as needed. Our fleet of ambulances and patient transport vehicles uses the same modern data equipment as the region's ambulances.

We have, among other things, SINE radio communication, both stationary vehicle terminals and handheld terminals of the Sepura brand. It will be possible through the Center for Emergency Communication (CFB) to grant access through ongoing collaboration.

Our vehicles are also equipped with mobile data terminals that are dispatch-ready for both SimaCar and Logis. Therefore, Event Medical Services ApS can be quickly and easily implemented when external support is needed.

Customer service

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If you have questions about our services, we are ready to answer your call.

Office hours

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24-hour call center

You can book non-emergency ambulance transportation or patient transportation 24 hours a day.