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Event Medical Services offers event medical cover, private ambulance transportation, and non-emergency medical transportation.

Ambulance services

We offer private ambulance transportation in situations where public health insurance does not cover or where regional ambulance services require assistance.

Non-emergency patient transport

In certain situations, it may be necessary to seek assistance with transportation from, for example, home to the nearest hospital or medical clinic.

Air Ambulance

Event Medical Services collaborates with leading providers of patient transport by air, and we are ready to assist when the patient needs to be picked up at the air ambulance in the airport.

Event Medical Services can provide assistance with critical care transportation.

Intensive Care Transport

At Event Medical Services, we take interhospital transport seriously. We can facilitate transport of critically ill patients, including stable intubated patients with their own physicians and nurses/paramedics.

An important part of our interhospital transport concept involves supporting the transfer of intensive care patients. Here, we provide support to the hospital's own doctors and nurses who are responsible during the transfer in our ambulance. Prior to the transfer, we coordinate the mode of transportation, equipment, oxygen requirements, and backup plans for situations such as ventilator failure or acute deterioration.

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Event Medical Services can provide pre-hospital event emergency response services.

Event Medical Cover

  Music and Festivals  //  Sports  //  Cultural and Business Events

If you are hosting an event, big or small, Event Medical is ready to help. We can provide a prehospital emergency response team based on your needs, such as an ambulance or a team of nurses, paramedics, and doctors.

Our trained and authorized personnel will ensure that your guests/participants receive the best possible safety measures.

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Event Medical Services can provide healthcare services to businesses and the public sector.

Commercial And Public

  Amusement Parks  //  Health Care Substitutes  //  Covid-19 Test  //  Maritime Services

Event Medical Services ApS is the professional partner for commercial and public organizations. Our services are tailored to each individual task, and in collaboration, we find the best solution.

Our work is based on three fundamental principles: comfort, safety, and integrity. We offer healthcare consultation and expertise in pre-hospital tasks. Contact us for more information.

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Customer service

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If you have questions about our services, we are ready to answer your call.

Office hours

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24-hour call center

You can book non-emergency ambulance transportation or patient transportation 24 hours a day.