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Non-emergency Medical Transportation

Event Medical Services offers non-emergency medical transportation with qualified personnel in both Denmark and Europe, available 24/7.

Event Medical Services offers medical transportation in Denmark and Europe

Medical transportation in Denmark and Europe

Non-emergency medical transportation is typically used in situations where the patient does not require treatment during transport. It may be used, for example, when the patient needs to:

  • be transported from one hospital to another
  • travel from home to receive treatment at a private clinic
  • return home from abroad and be admitted to a hospital in Denmark

Event Medical can provide non-emergency medical transportation in both Denmark and Europe. Whether it's a transfer to a hospital or a longer journey from abroad to Denmark, we are ready to assist. We can be reached 24/7 at phone number +45 70 405 112.

Our medical transportation vehicles are built to resemble ambulances, but they do not contain medical equipment.

Design of our medical transportation vehicles

Our medical transportation vehicles are designed like ambulances, but without medical equipment. If there is a need for in-transit treatment, we can also provide private ambulance services.

Our medical transportation vehicles are equipped in accordance with applicable regulations, and we always carry a defibrillator and other necessary equipment in case of emergencies.

In addition to regular medical transportation, we also offer intensive care and bariatric transportation, as well as transportation for isolation patients.

Event Medical Services offers intensive care and bariatric transportation

Intensive care and bariatric transportation

Event Medical also offers non-emergency medical transportation for critically ill patients with advanced monitoring equipment including syringe and infusion pumps, ventilator, capnography, CRP and HB measurement.

Our intensive care transportation can accommodate up to seven personnel in addition to the patient, and the staffing level is determined based on specific healthcare professional assessment.

We also provide bariatric and bed transportation services. Our XL ambulance is equipped to transport hospital beds and bariatric patients weighing up to 285 kg.

Our personnel have experience in handling bariatric patients, understanding the importance of patient-centered care and providing non-judgmental transportation.

Event Medical Services offers transportation of isolation patients

Transportation of isolation patients

We offer non-emergency medical transportation for patients who are under isolation due to conditions such as VRE, MRSA, COVID-19, influenza, and clostridium. We strictly adhere to the hygiene guidelines set by the Danish Health Authority (SSI). In addition to regular disinfectants such as chlorine and ethanol, we also have an ozone cleaning system.

Contact Event Medical today to learn more about our transportation services for isolation patients.

During medical transportation, there are always two members from our healthcare team present.

Personnel in medical transportation

There are always two members from our healthcare team present during medical transportation, ensuring that the patient has a safe and comfortable experience.

Our personnel are trained according to the relevant regulations, and we continuously invest in their professional development through ongoing training and education.

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Planning of medical transportation tasks

When you, as a customer, engage Event Medical Services as a prehospital provider of non-emergency medical transportation, it is important for us that both the requester and the patient feel safe and satisfied with the service we provide.

To create high satisfaction with our services, we always listen to your wishes and needs - we add healthcare advice and industry experience, and tailor the right solution for you.

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